Thyroid surgery


The Dr. Langer single use thyroid surgery  accessories are designed to give you perfect signals and efficiency. Naturally, everything is  ready to use, every time.

Reference and ground electrodes

Ready to use reference and ground electrode. Subdermal needle electrode or adhesive surface electrode. The preference and choose is yours.

Reference electrodes for use with monopolar stimulation probes are white.

Ground electrodes for use thyroid surgery neuromonitoring are green and for use in facial surgery they are black.

The colours match the color markings of the acquisition cable of the Avalanche SI. This makes daily handling particular safe, quick and easy.

All subnormal needles are sharpened to the highest standard for easy insertion.

Available in: White, Green, and Black,18 mm needle, 1,5 m cables,

DIN 42802-1 connector, PU = 10 pieces

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