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We are constantly looking for ways to improve patient care, either by developing new products or by improving existing ones.

Your ideas for new products or improvements on existing ones are very welcome. Let us know what your idea is about and we will contact you right away. Next step it to determine the technical and financial feasibility of the idea. This is a short process and it will only take a few weeks for the first evaluation.

Your unsolved problems are valuable too

Unsolved problems are good ideas unpolished. We invite you to share your unsolved problems with us, no problem is too big or too small. Perhaps we can solve your problem with and existing product, or perhaps we can develop something new.

Together we make the difference

With your expertise in the clinical field and ours in development and manufacturing, we will make a strong team.

We can transform your idea into a product in your hand.

Contact us, and learn what we can do together!

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You are important      to us!

At Ortus Medical we believe in dialogue, and in making a difference together.

We value your opinion, and we welcome your ideas. It is our purpose to improve care together with you.

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Best care,                 at lower overall cost

"Together we make the difference"

Quality,  uncompromised

"Rereliable results every time, with superior products"

Customer service,   

proactive and personalized

"We remove obstacles              before you reach                    them"

New products

for better care

"Transform your idea into a product in you hand"

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