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Neuromonitoring in thyroid surgery


Thyroid Neuromonitoring with ease and efficiency.



Avalanche SI for thyroid surgery


The modular Avalanche SI will cover all your needs in thyroid and facial surgery neuromonitoring. New features make neuromonitoring easier than ever, and with touchscreen and intuitive menus you and your team become quickly accustomed to operating your AVALANCHE SI.


Continous vagus nerve stimulation

With permanent stimulation of the vagus nerve, critical signal changes, such as those indicating a strain of the recurrent laryngeal nerve, can be noticed before it is too late. Optionally, surgeons can display the long-term trend lines of amplitude and latency, adjust the alarm trickers and recognize stress situations of the nerve at the right time to avoid damage.


Audible nerve guard

The integrated sound module enables the actual stimulation signal to be clearly distinguished from extraneous noise and interference. The audible tone is designed to be pleasant for senses, ensuring the surgeon is always pleased to hear what is happening to the nerve.



They one-touch-report function provides quick and complete documentation. The system automatically analyses the amplitude and latencies of muscle potential and displays the data in an easily readable format or the large screen, along with the name of the detected nerve. We will create a customized report template for you, which is suitable for your clinic and according to your requirments. The PDF report can be saved on a USB stick and printed or archived on your computer at any time.


Wireless display

Never again a covert glance at the screen! With tablets, smartphones and computers you can have an additional, close by, display and even a remote control of the AVALANCHE SI - we even have sterile covers for y and Witt so you can control everything yourself. You can also access all data on the Avalanche SI anytime, anywhere via the wireless LAN.





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